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Star.Kiwi video: Goat man mystery, the great school ‘escape’ and other app tales

A new app has given stories of the past a new lease on life in Lyttelton. With the help of pupils at Lyttelton Primary School the Our Stories app is a guided tour with tales from people who grew up in the town.

By Gordon Findlater on Star.Kiwi - November 13, 2018

The mysterious haunting of a Lyttelton cemetery by the “goat man” and the time school pupils secretly started digging under the floorboards as part of great ‘escape’ are some of the tales being told by a new app.

The Our Stories app means as people walk around the suburb narrated stories of what play.

Each story is told to Lyttelton Primary School pupils. Play the video to find out some of the weird and wonderful stories and what mystery the school children are determined to solve the mystery of the suburb.


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