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Why Our Stories?

Three reasons drive this project


We believe that putting people in a room together to share their stories is a powerful thing for both sides.

Stories have been the primary means of connection between humans since ... forever. Engineering these moments can be magical in a world where connection is increasingly rare.


Collecting local history is always of value.

And the stories of ordinary people are often neglected. Yet, this is where most of life happens. We all have a story to tell. And all our stories are important.


We believe that stories have the power to transform an experience of a place.

A house or a street or a building is just a thing. But with a story it becomes an experience. When your mind lights up with the stories of other people in a space, you feel something. And that builds empathy. And empathy is what stops people from behaving badly. We see this project as an attempted antidote to "tourism" where places are seen as "destinations" rather than a chance to explore the way other people live.


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