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Our Stories joins Geocaching

Did you know there are hidden containers with treasures and log books all around you? The world is literally covered in these containers, known as Geocaches, but unless you have the app, you would never know.

Geocaching is a global GPS treasure hunt game with 15 million users worldwide. The app gives you directions, coordinates and hints to help you find the hidden cache. Once there, you sign the log book and swap a treasure.

Our Stories Project has hid it's first cache on and it comes with - you guessed it - a story. We've included a QR code that links to a story of that place.

"It's been fantastic to introduce Our Stories Project to the enthusiastic Geocaching community," says Our Stories Project director Kris Herbert. "Because all our stories relate to places and we love it when people experience the stories in those places, it's a perfect fit."

The Geocaching app is free to download. It's a great way to discover new places or to get the kids out for a walk.


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