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Our Stories launches Patreon supporters page

Our Stories Project is live and free with the first tour, Through the Eyes of A Child, which has mapped memories to places and made the available to anyone with a smart phone.

But this is only the beginning. Even for this first project, we've only interviewed a fraction of the people who grew up in Lyttelton. Time is of the essence! Two people on our interview schedule died suddenly, just weeks before they were scheduled to meet with the kids. Of the 20-plus interviews we have done, only a small number of the stories have been edited for the app.

We have ideas for other projects, that will include people who have stories of Lyttelton to share, but didn't grow up here. And we'd love to expand to other communities, too.

With so much to do to keep these stories alive, we need funding and we will continue to apply for grants to keep the project going.

But you can help too! If you love this project or understand the value of capturing stories and making them available for anyone to listen to, then you can give - even just a little - and we'll be so grateful for your support.


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